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Grasping God's Word Pack: Learn How to Read, Interpret, and Apply the Bible The Grasping God S Word Pack Contains Everything You Need To Learn The Basics Of Biblical Interpretation, No Matter If You Are Enrolled In A Class Or Learning On Your Own First Published In , J Scott Duvall And J Daniel Hays Grasping God S Word, Now In Its Third Edition, Is One Of Today S Bestselling Hermeneutics Textbooks In Addition To The Textbook, The Pack Includes Grasping God S Word Video Lectures, Featuring Video Lessons Accompanying Each Chapter In The Textbook Grasping God S Word Workbook, With Study Exercises For Each Chapter To Reinforce Concepts Learned In The Book And Grasping God S Word Laminated Sheet, A Quick Reference Guide To The Central Concepts In The Book The Grasping God S Word Pack Includes Everything You Need To Start Learning The Basics Of Biblical Interpretation Today

9 thoughts on “Grasping God's Word Pack: Learn How to Read, Interpret, and Apply the Bible

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    This book although hardback is surprisingly light and so easy to carry around As a study guide it is clear and well written Looking forward to working my way through It was recommended by my Pastor as one of the books he used in Seminary and I must say it was a gr

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    Nice, easy to understand book on hermeneutics.

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    Brilliant thank the Lord

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    When I was doing reading skills for exegesis at WEST my theological college this was core text and very interesting and useful it proved to be This really is an incredibly well thought out book that provides you with most of the things you need to understand if you are going to preach a passag

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    Great book for studying the Bible and a wonderful text book I disagree with the thought that the Holy Spirit cannot help you interpret scripture, that is found in this book It says without everything and the way you do their methods of study, then you cannot interpret the Bible correctly If the Holy Spi

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    There is a lot of good stuff here, but my primary gripe is that they deny an important hermeneutical distinction made by Luther, Calvin, and every Reformation Christian that followed in their wake for hundreds of years What they deny is the proper distinction between Law and Gospel They also deny that the Law can

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    Had to get this for a class and I m so glad I got it It has really helped me to be able to read and understand the Bible I ve been in church since I was 3 years old and grew up in it But was always intimidated to read and study the word of God because I felt I couldn t fully understand it Now I m loving studying the Bible

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    The book itself is excellent If you are purchasing the kindle version in order to listen to the text to speech option, be warned that it can be hard to follow In my opinion, the pausing is messed up It pauses longer at commas than periods, which is the opposite of how it should be This makes comprehending the text difficult Also, re

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    I cannot say enough good things about this book This was one of the required textbooks for a seminary and I found it to be very engaging to read The book is written so well and really gives the reader some practical strategies in how to read the Bible and how to accurately interpret what you read It is a great resource for anyone waning to di

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