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Book of Comforts As soon as you hold this book in your hands, your mind is going to race with the names of all the people that you know who need it At least, that s what happened to me when my copy came yesterday And that s what s happened to the two people who dropped by my house and saw it on my coffee table, both of whom immediately ordered copies of their own and a copy to send to friends Full of gorgeous artwork and writing that comes from a place of wisdom, faith, and humility, I cannot recommend this pretty little volume highly enough. I like The Book of Comforts because it s not like the step by step devotional books I read growing up Instead, it feels much organic and enjoyable to read For example, I love reading essays in my spare time, and this book contains a number of personal essays and stories from the authors I wasn t expecting this at all, and I was excited to feel such a personal connection to the writers and their experiences.This is definitely a book you can pick up and read for a quick story when you re feeling alone I plan on giving it as a gift to the spiritual people in my life who need a pick me up. The Book of Comforts neither romanticizes pain nor minimizes it Rather, the authors look hurting people in the eye and offer them words of compassion and honesty that can only come from those who have traveled to places of deep grief This book is beautiful in every way. The world needs The Book of Comforts a book that acknowledges the depth of grief that accompanies us throughout life and that recognizes beauty as vital for finding God s goodness in it all Our own words fail us when it comes to offering comfort in grieving In the Book of Comforts, Faires, Faires, and Wernet show us that this is okay, because ultimately we can rest on the Word of God for deep and abiding comfort Through her breathtaking artwork, Wilder nods to the importance of beauty in lamentation as well I m so grateful to have this book to offer others when my own words will inevitably fail to meet them adequately in their grief. I had no words and neither did anyone around me There are times in life where nothing seems like the right thing to say Somehow these authors have found the words Full of heart felt stories, this truly inspiring book makes you feel supported a good reminder that you are never alone.This book has a visual aesthetic that match the rich textual beauty I highly recommend this if you, or someone you know, is going through a hard time This is my new go to gift any time someone I know is need of comfort This book is a such a gift and stands out among its peers The stories are thoughtful and honest, while the visuals are intentional and lovely This book immediately found its home on my coffee table a reminder to myself and my guests to come as you are, whether in joy or grief Ordering an extra copy to keep on hand This book is perfect to hold in your hands when you need comfort and encouragement, a companion of beautifully written words that are encouraging, enjoyable, uplifting, and easy to read It s designed in an inviting way to cherish personally or gift to a friend or family member walking through a difficult season It s constructed beautifully even with a ribbon It feels expensive and gift worthyThis is truly a beautiful book I can t stress enough to read and share When Someone Is Grieving, What Should You Say How Can You Help How Do You Comfort Without Offering Shallow Platitudes The Book Of Comforts Stands In The Gap Between Suffering And Hope, Offering Readers The Abiding Comfort Found In Scripture And Personal Experience The Book Of Comforts Is Unlike Other Books On Grief With Beautiful Four Color Interiors, An Inviting Format With Brief Devotions, And A Ribbon Marker Readers Will Gain Long Term Comfort From Scripturally Focused Entries A Deeper Understanding Of Their Grief, Loss, And Pain, And Discover The Richness Of God S Love A Meaningful Way To Walk Through Hurt, Heartache, Challenges, And Difficulty Through The Truth Of God S Word Scripture Deals Plainly And Honestly With Suffering And Simultaneously Points People To The Rich Hope We Find In God The Book Of Comforts Is A Beautiful And Comforting Gift For Those In Hard Places Because Even Though We Don T Always Know What To Say, The Gift Of Divine Consolation Is Always Helpful This book was beautifully conceived, written and illustrated I am placing an additional order because not only did I love the book, each of the friends to whom I gave a copy were equally comforted and moved by its beauty So true that this will make a wonderful gift for those times when you want to be there for your friends or family experiencing grief or other hardships, but don t know what to say This is a moving, helpful, hopeful reminder of God s everlasting love Thank you Caleb, Rebecca, Kaitlin and Cymone for The Book of Comforts everything about this book is incredibly thoughtful it s beautiful enough to put on a coffee table it s giftable as a way to let people they re not alone it s encouraging to read daily, and can be picked up at random or used as a daily devotion it s beautiful, and unique in its approach to facing grief with truth it s not cheesy or filled with bandaids to make things just seem better, but uses scripture to truly encourage people 10 10 recommend

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