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Basics of Biblical Greek This Expanded Workbook Is Designed For Use With The Standard Setting Basics Of Biblical Greek Grammar, Now In Its Third Edition Built To Be Flexible And Encouraging, The Workbook Includes Tracks For Learning Biblical Greek, Is Supported By The Book Website Teknia , And Includes Six Sections For Each Chapter With Extensive Exercises And Biblical Passages To Translate, Plus Occasional Review Chapters

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    I can t yet comment on the content of the book as I had to buy it for my course it looks amazing though but I can comment on the holes in my book I think they are there so the pages can go into a 3 hole lever arch folder which are not the kind of folders we ha

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    great for 1st year students at undergraduate level, you set the pace on this home study course It is without any doubt beneficial for those who wish to advance there degrees further by reading ancient languages specifically when it is to compliment Theological degrees.

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    This book, made it happen for me Was able to actually independantly learn Greek Used it to supplement my textbook which was Essentials of New Testament Greek by Ray Summers.

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    This book is book linked the Basics of Biblical Greek book, it will be of no value on its own, but is of tremendous value with it

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    The complexities of New Testament Greek are carefully explained and much simplified in this excellent text.

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    Excellent book

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    This is very helpful.

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    Totally perfect

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