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A Reader's Hebrew Bible Ideal For Hebrew Students And Pastors, A Readers Hebrew Bible Saves Time And Effort In Studying The Hebrew Old Testament By Eliminating The Need To Look Up Definitions, The Footnotes Allow The User To Read The Hebrew And Aramaic Textquickly, Focusing On Parsing And Grammatical Issues A Readers Hebrew Bible Offers The Following Features Complete Text Of The Hebrew And Aramaic Bible Using The Leningrad Codex Minus Critical Apparatus Shaded Hebrew Names That Occur Less Than Times Footnoted Definitions Of All Hebrew Words Occurring Times Or Less Twenty Five Or Less For Aramaic Words Context Specific Glosses Stem Specific Glossed Definitions For Verb Forms Qal, Piel, Hiphil, And So Forth Ketib Qere Readings Both Noted In The Text And Differentiated Appropriately Marker Ribbon Featuring A Handsome Italian Duo Tone Binding, A Readers Hebrew Bible Is A Practical, Attractive, And Surprisingly Affordable Resource

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About the Author: A Philip Brown II

A Philip Brown II PhD, Bob Jones University isProfessor of Bible and Theology at God s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio