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1 & 2 Kings (NIV Application Commentary) (The NIV Application Commentary) Readers Of 1 And 2 Kings Commonly Approach These Books As A Straightforward Chronology Of Post Davidic Israel The Inauguration Of Solomon S Reign, The Division Of The Kingdom Following His Death, And Israel S And Judah S Ensuing Kings, Conflicts, Captivities, And Overarching Spiritual Decline In Reality, However, The Books Of The Kings Fall Into The Collection Known As The Former Prophets, And Their True Story And Underlying Theme Center On Such Striking Personalities As Nathan, Elijah, Elisha, And Other Divinely Appointed Spokesmen It Is God S Interaction With His People By Way Of His Prophets And Their Kings His Pleadings, His Warnings, And The Fulfillment Of His Words That Comes Across Again And Again With Forcefulness And Clarity God Speaks Now Will His People Hear, Believe, And Respond The Question Is As Relevant For Us Today As It Was For The Ancient Israelites Bridging The Centuries, August Konkel Connects Past Context To Contemporary Circumstances, Helping Us Grasp The Meaning And Signifance Of 1 And 2 Kings And Take To Heart Their Message For Us Today.Most Bible Commentaries Take Us On A One Way Trip From Our World To The World Of The Bible But They Leave Us There, Assuming That We Can Somehow Make The Return Journey On Our Own They Focus On The Original Meaning Of The Passage But Don T Discuss Its Contemporary Application The Information They Offer Is Valuable But The Job Is Only Half Done The NIV Application Commentary Series Helps Bring Both Halves Of The Interpretive Task Together This Unique, Award Winning Series Shows Readers How To Bring An Ancient Message Into Our Postmodern Context It Explains Not Only What The Bible Meant But Also How It Speaks Powerfully Today.

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    I wish I had bought the higher rated 1 2 Kings commentary, BestCommentaries.com by Paul House, NAC, instead of this commentary by August Konkel I didn t because I generally prefer the NIV Application Commentary format for devotional reading.This commentary is fairly basic Whilst generally Conservative, I feel he gives too much precedence to the theoretical De

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    As always, the Application Commentary series strikes a good balance between exegesis and application Don t expect to agree with everything the American context needs to be re thought for us here in the UK But it is still a worthwhile and throught provoking read.

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    A very helpful and practical commentary A very useful read in the planning of a new preaching series at the start of 2013.

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    I buy these mainly for the illustrations and application ideas.

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    Awesome book Awesome seller

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    Excellent commentary

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    Its a good commentary The author gives a simple explanation of the text in the original meaning section He then gives extra details in the Bridging the context section He writes the different views of other OT scholars, and then he gives reasons why he chooses the one he does Its not a bad commentary The only thing I have a mixed review is some of the application parts However, it is still a solid commentary.

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