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A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek I m afraid I have to disagree with the other highly favourable reviews of this book.The so called explanatory notes to each of the NT passages are full of questions, but without often even a clue as to the answers or, frequently, even a clue as to where to find the answers In addition, when you come to one of the New Testament s really noteworthy words, instead of interesting information, you ll find a footnote saying, Be sure to do a word study on this word Seriously, that s all I mean, gee, thanks Like I would never have thought of that for myself And for me, that really sums up this book I emphatically don t mind having to do the work myself, but when I have to do ALL of it by myself, it surely begs the question, So why on Earth do I need this book True, it has a helpful section on Phrasing as a means to draw out the meaning of a text, but that s only a few pages long The rest is just a series of Biblical passages with glosses for the less frequent words, and those not terribly helpful notes.If you re thinking of buying this, I would recommend just getting yourself a Readers Greek New Testament, and working through your favourite passages with a copy of Wallace s Grammar near at hand You re expected to have Wallace while using this book too Actually, you re also expected to have several commentaries, and when the book DOES provide an answer , it s usually in the form of telling you to look one of them up Again, something you could have done yourself without using this book as an intermediary At the very least you should browse this book in a bookshop before making your purchase, just to be clear on its limitations and the number of other books it expects you to purchase.I can see it being wonderful as a reader in a classroom setting, but really if you re teaching yourself I think you ll find it frustrating and unhelpful. I am partially self taught in Biblical Greek one semester of Greek in bible college and owe my success in this effort to Bill Mounce s excellent Grammar and Daniel Wallace s equally excellent Syntax volume I purchased the graded reader after completing both and have been steadily working through it Each chapter presents a passage of Scripture in Greek though the last two chapters are from the LXX and Didache with comments and questions about grammar, syntax, and even exegetical points Each chapter is increased in difficulty It serves to effectively illustrate many of the important points in the grammar and syntax books My comprehension of Biblical Greek is better for it It is a fun book to work through if you enjoy Greek I wish it were the first in a series Highly recommended. This is a great next step once you have finished a first year grammar I strongly recommend The Basics of Biblical Greek by the same author After the hard slog of the basics this is the light at the end of tunnel At last you can start to use your Greek I found it great to start going through passages like this it is what you started learning for in the first place.Just remember that there is now a summer vacation book in the Zondervan series that fits in between this one and Basics It is entitled A Summer Greek Reader by Goodrich Diewert This makes the transition from 1st yr 2nd yr Greek even smoother When you have completed this Graded Reader there is a subsequent book in the Zondervan series entitled Biblical Greek Exegesis by Guthrie Duvall In the first part of this book they go through exactly the same passages as Mounce but in greater depth. Mounce s Graded Reader is intended as a transitionary textbook for students who are in their second year of Greek I give it three stars because, while it is better than any alternative I have found, I think it is lacking in several respects and is somewhat disappointing given the quality of Mounce s BBG.The book consists of 20 extended passages in Koine Greek, coming primarily from the New Testament The readings cover all four Gospels, several letters, and Revelation In addition, a Septuagint Psalm is thrown in, as well as an excerpt from the Didache, one of the earliest teaching documents of the Church In addition to the passages, there is an introductory section on a technique, developed by Mounce, called phrasing It is essentially a means of diagramming Greek sentences to clarify the relationships of the parts of the sentence Also, the book has a synopsis of Wallace s extensive Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, and a cheat sheet which lists the various cases, tenses, etc., and their uses.The passages themselves have footnotes, which are primarily used for vocabulary The footnotes gloss words that occur 20 or fewer times, and in addition to a definition provide the number of occurrences of the word in the NT This is useful for finding the words in Mounce s flash card deck, if you have that Aside from the vocab notes, each page explains various theological and or grammatical concepts At the end of each passage is a grammar summary and reflections on the text I agree with a previous reviewer that Mounce s theology can be ignored.My biggest complaint about this book is that the commentary in the notes is not very useful The footnotes consist primarily of references to other author s commentaries They tend to be in this form Why did Paul use the aorist here See John Doe, p 100 This is not terribly helpful, since he references 15 or 20 books, few of which I have If Mounce is simply going to refer to someone else s commentary, why not just buy the commentary and skip Mounce s book Since 90% of his notes are question format e.g., p.7 What is the antecedent of auto without answer, they do serve to call attention to important concepts, but if you can t answer his question you are out of luck.That Mounce is the master of morphology is certain However, one can see from his BBG that he is light on syntax, and I found many challenging concepts unmarked even by one of his questioning footnotes After struggling through Ch 7 Romans with extreme frustration, I recalled that at the beginning of the chapter he said the grammar was not difficult If Mounce is in tune with students morphological struggles he is not in tune with their syntactical struggles Nonetheless this book is useful than a non commented text, and better than the JACT New Testament reader Still, one hopes that a better reader with commentary will show up some day. The most valuable contribution of this book is its appendix titled A Partial Summary of Greek Grammar Beyond the Basic by Wallace The appendix comprises 40 pages In comparison, the abridged version of Wallace s book is 300 pages The appendix provides a very useful starting point if you want to move on from Mounce s Basic NT Greek to Wallace s NT Greek Syntax. Firstly, I should say that I enjoy the method and manner that W.D Mounce presents Biblical Koine Greek in his BBG This no doubt influenced my decision to later purchase his Graded Reader With that said, this Graded Reader is only decent It could ve been better, but, in my opinion, Mounce leaves the reader hanging too often.For example, he frequently refers the reader to commentaries or various text to find the answer to a question he posesbut, unless one owns or at that moment purchases the sources he cites, then you ll never glean from the insight he is trying to provide The author should simply make the point himself, so that his reader is able to learn from the study yet, since he doesn t, his notes serve little purpose that is, at least to me they served little purpose He also has a habit of asking open ended questions without sharing his thoughts While this may be great in some formats e.g classroom lecture followed up with teacher student interaction , I don t think it works well with those outside the classroom who are still trying to grasp the language and nuances especially since we don t have someone to approach for clarification.As for the binding, it is horrible In fact, the very first day I opened the book numerous pages separated and fell loose from the binding Continued use has only resulted in further pages following suit If a quality paperback binding cannot be offered than the product should not be sold or at the very least an alternative binding should be offered i.e hardcover. I love Dr Mounce s material Of all the Koine Greek curricula which I have tried, his is by far the best. Making The Leap From The Basics Of Biblical Greek To Its Real Life Application Can Be A Frustrating Challenge For Students Of Intermediate Greek A Graded Reader Of Biblical Greek Was Developed To Make The Transition Easier It Takes Beginning Exegetes From Simple To Progressively Difficult Biblical Texts Students Can Now Learn New Testament Greek The Way They Would Any Other Language Through A Graded Program A Graded Reader Of Biblical Greek Applies An Inductive Method To Learning Intermediate Greek Grammar It Provides A Workable Introduction To Exegesis, Word Studies, And Developing A Large Vocabulary And It Assists The Student In Preparing For Class, Allowing Classroom Time To Be Put To Its Most Effective Use Twenty Greek Passages Are Presented In Graded Order Difficult And Unfamiliar Grammatical Constructions Are Explained All Words That Occur Fewer Than Times In The New Testament Are Defined An Exegetical Discussion Section Helps The Exegete Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Language A Graded Reader Of Biblical Greek Is The Result Of Ten Years Of Use And Refinement By The Author In An Actual Classroom Setting

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