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The book has two main sections parts one through three, which speak of African art in general, and part four, which deals with the styles of specific regions Part 4 is valuable, but parts 1 3 must be read skeptically, if at all In those parts, Segy consistently portrays African culture as monolithic, making over generalizations such as, The prefix Ba meaning people , in most African languages, signifies the tribe the prefix Ma signifies the individual tribesman p 5, this claim is definitely false , In the ancient Negro states, the ruler was the religious head p 12 , the African healers apprenticeship call for many years of study, beginning at the age of 12 p 18 , and When a tribe moved to a new territory, rituals were performed asking permission from the spirits of the former inhabitants to occupy the new grounds p 26.Worse, what is common is his imputation of motives and beliefs to African artists for no given reason He often makes major and controversial claims, which sometimes contradict anthropological studies, without citations The sculpture did not represent an idea, as a statue of Christ may be said to symbolize divine grace The African sculpture is the spirit itself The African had the added advantage of not being self conscious about being an artist Some of his claims are interesting, some are repetitions of 19th century European prejudices even though I have the 4th edition, published in 1975.The pictures in this section bear no relation to the text they are with A particularly comical example is on p 28, where two ivory statues, one expressionless and one looking a bit glum, are opposite a text about the high degree of expressiveness of artwork by Africans based upon their intense emotionalism.He also says that all Africans descend from Asians who entered Africa around 3000 BC p 5 This in the 1975 version His analysis of their art refers frequently to Freudian psychoanalysis.His willful ignorance is systematic He refers to some anthropological studies, but never to ones which question Africans and African artists about their art and how and why they make it This is evident in the section on African art and modern European art, in which he very much wants to claim that modern artists and African artists are doing basically the same thing The sculpture had validity not because it did look like, but because it did not look like, an object or model known to us It was itself, a creation in a sculptural medium This was the very essence of what the Cubist painters work aiming at Picasso defined cubism as an art dealing primarily with forms when the form is realized, it is there to live its own life p 118 Thus, African artists were making art for art s sake, just like Europeans in 1913.But he can say this only by ignoring all anthropological testimony to the effect that many African statues are made to represent particular spirits It seems that Segy avoids sources that ask the Africans themselves about their art, perhaps because that would destroy his beautiful theory Boas Primitive Art is there in his bibliography, but he contradicts some of its most general claims repeatedly without concern or evidence.It s about 6 now for a used copy, so it s worth it just for the pictures But Segy s interpretations of African beliefs should be taken as hypotheses rather than as facts. African Sculpture Speaks has spoken very well One of the most interesting documentations of Sculpture I have seen in quite some time There is a wealth of 436 illistrations in black and white, lending an impression of the significance of each piece Also information on each tribe and the functional use of the sculptures was brillant Segy has successfully documented an ancient tradition that is in a rapid mode of metamorphosis due to technology But most of all African Sculpture Speaks allows you to experience a rich part of Africa in the comfort of your own home. This is the second, enlarged edition of African Sculpture Speaks Segy s familiarity with the subject matter and his understanding of the cultures that produced these various sculptures, as well as his expertise in art and art history, make this one of the finest of books on the subject If one can have only one book on the traditional sculpture and masks of Africa, it must be this book. This book covers not only masks and sculpture but fine brass works and medicinal items that Segy collected and wrote about, A great price and a positive addition as a reference guide to any ones ethnographic library,Lots of good photos to accompany the reading material. Historian And Collector Ladislas Segy Approaches African Art From Several Different But Interrelated Perspectives, Considering Sculptures First As Products Of A Distinct African Culture, Then As High Quality Works Of Art Seeking To Bring The African Carver S Work Within The Scope Of The Western Observer, Segy Stresses The Need For Appraising African Art Within Its Own Context, Suspending Established Procedures For Art Appreciation And Viewing The Object As It Actually Is, Not As We Think It Is Or Should Be Bringing To Bear The Disciplines Of Aesthetics, Anthropology, Psychology, And Phenomenology, Segy Shows How The Deep Seated Magico Religious Beliefs Of The Tribal Carver Creates Such A Powerful Emotional Tension In The Work That The Viewer Can Recapture That Emotion And Identify It As Part Of His Own ExperienceOriginally Published In Revised And Enlarged Over The Years African Sculpture Speaks Is Now In Its Fourth Edition A Systematic Style Guide Analyzes The Characteristic Features Of The Different Styles Of Tribal Sculpture, And A Special Chapter For The Collector Tells How To Buy And Care For African Art Segy Also Discusses The Styles Of The Main Sculpture Producing Tribes In East And South Africa Included Are Maps, A Bibliography, A List Of Illustrations, And An Index African Sculpture Speaks (Da Capo Paperback)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the African Sculpture Speaks (Da Capo Paperback) book, this is one of the most wanted Ladislas Segy author readers around the world.

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