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Reading Backwards The Claim That The Events Of Jesus Life, Death, And Resurrection Took Place According To The Scriptures Stands At The Heart Of The New Testament S Earliest Message All Four Canonical Gospels Declare That The Torah, Prophets And Psalms Mysteriously Prefigure Jesus In This Ground Breaking New Book, Hays Traces The Strategies The Gospel Writers Employ To Read Backwards Showing How The Old Testament Figuratively Discloses The Astonishing Truth About Jesus Identity

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    This is an excellent examination of how the Gospel writers understood Jesus to have fulfilled Scripture It seeks to address the issue of how the Hebrew Scriptures speak of or witness to Jesus.I have one minor criticism the author does not address Luke 15 In Luke 15 we find three parables, th

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    An excellent and useful read.

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    Fantastic insight into the Gospels Richard Hays is a top scholar and easy to read.

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    Richard Hays is a leading NT scholar, well known for works such as Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul and The Moral Vision of the New Testament For some time now, Hays has been at work on a highly anticipated project regarding the Gospels use of the Old Testament through quotation, allusion and echo Naturally, th

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    Good book

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    cannot put it down

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    excellent content and food for thought

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