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What the Bible Really Teaches: A challenge for fundamentalists: A Challenge To Fundamentalists This Prominent Theologian Adds His Contribution To The Authority Of Scripture Debate An Impassioned Contribution To The Debate About The Authority Of Scripture How We Read The Bible, And How, The Author Believes, A Fundamentalist Reading Is Unsustainable This Book Will Infuriate Many And Delight Others, And Will Make A Valuable Contribution To The Debate, Which We Plan To Join With Voices From Many Corners The Book Works Through A Series Of Bible Passages Often Cited As Proof Texts , And Explores How They Can Be Read, And How They Are Used I am a member of a Christian house group that chose this book for joint study discussion.The topic interested us and Keith s approach is stimulating and illuminating without being judgemental I should add that Keith is challenging the approch taken by some biblical fundamentalists and we are a liberal group.However, for us, it has been spoilt by the writing style which seems to go around the houses in each Chapter. A challenging read for anyone who thinks they know what the Bible teaches Ward asks the right questions and sometimes seems on the way to the right answers thought there are elements of self contradiction how can he say what the Bible REALLY teaches when central to his thesis is that there are multiple narratives within it Ward is a breath of fresh air compared to so called evangelical writers stuck in the past who attempt to defend a Biblicist approach and insist that scripture is divinely authoritative and objectively perspicuous It is clearly not and Ward s book is one attempt to deal with this fact. Keith Ward is a liberal Christian by persuasion and I had the privilege of being taught by him many years ago at theological college This book is straightforward in its intention, which is to ask people to think deeply about their faith rather than learn it parrot fashion You may not agree with KW but at least he will get you thinking, and the thinking Christian is the best sort there is no matter what your faith stance. For anyone who has to respond to the challenges of fundamental Christianity, be it right wing or evangelical It responds to and illuminates those difficult issues of sex in all its variants and challenges to evolution and creationism. I found this really helpful in thinking through many issues I found it clear, well written and challenging without ever being dogmatic Probably one of the most helpful books I ve read in recent years It challenged some of the fundamentalist ideas I had come across whilst remaining very biblical and giving fresh insights It gave me hope and encouragement bought this copy for a friend. An amazing expose of the truth of God s word He challenges us to read the Bible with fresh eyes and open hearts and I thoroughly enjoyed it I would recommend it to anyone who wants to dig deeper into ancient texts. Best book on the NT ever published Of course this book isn t completely perfect it is far from giving you a definitive account of the bible nothing will substitute for studying it yourself Nor does Ward here tackle today s hard problems of applied ethics such as climate change, genetic engineering, euthanasia and abortion But with his sights set narrowly on theology he produces a succinct and caustic overview of everything you really need to know about biblical Christian doctrine.This book does everything you d expect from a world class philosopher and former chief theologian of Oxford University It is full of reasonable argument and accurate biblical analysis The book is therefore is invaluable for clearing up common misconceptions about mainstream Christianity, not only those that stem from ignorance, but crucially those that come from a small minority voice singing far louder than the rest of the choir.Yes, some reviewers have criticised it for being too liberal but do not let this put you off this is entirely what we should expect from a book that sets out to confront fundamentalists and the other irrationalist or obscurantist elements found in some Christian denominations Ward is a traditionalist when it comes to Christianity, albeit one open to rationalism and progress If you want proof of his orthodoxy pick up this book and experience his deep knowledge of and love for Scripture.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the What the Bible Really Teaches: A challenge for fundamentalists: A Challenge To Fundamentalists book, this is one of the most wanted Keith Ward author readers around the world.

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