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Biblical Hebrew for Beginners Have You Ever Wondered What Adam Really Said To Eve Or What God Said To Job Learning Hebrew Can Be Easy And Fun This Book Shows You How To Master The Essentials Of The Language In Clear, Simple Steps Starting Right From Scratch With The Hebrew Alphabet On How To Read Passages From The Bible Itself There Are Simple Exercises Including Answers , A Word List, And Plenty Of Examples Throughout Whether You Are Studying In A Group Or By Yourself, This Book Will Make The Words Of The Bible Come Alive In A Way You Never Imagined Before For Learning Hebrew, The Best Way Is To Have An Expert By Your Side Here Is The Next Best Thing Hebrew Without Such An Aid And Without Tears I Commend The Book Warmly Lord Coggan Formerly Archbishop Of Canterbury

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    I have a number of beginning Hebrew books If I had it to do over again, I d start with this one, with one small caveat The weakest part of the book is the first few chapters, which go into unnecessary detail about dageshes and stress marks that you don t need until you are actually ready to read the Bible on your own The book also does not give enough sheer reading practice e.g., with syllables and proper names at the beginning, when you re struggling to gain fluency in letter recognition I d sugg

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    I worked through this book recently and I think this is a super little book I have recently learned to read New Testament Greek but wondered whether I would be up to reading Biblical Hebrew and so wanted to start with something that is straightforward and not intimidating This book was exactly the right thing for me In just 84 pages it covers all the basics of Hebrew grammar and using a Hebrew dictionary This is then followed by plenty of practice and guidance at reading selected verses form the Hebrew

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    I had no idea how hebrew is about before reading this book My purpose was to read Bible from its original language and after reading this book i see that is the correct resource to begin with This book directs to this way without confusing you with complex grammar rules and start you to read Bible as soon as possible If you purpose is same with me this is the correct book.

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    It s accessible but is occasionally inaccurate and has a very irritating way of simplifying unnecessarily If I m willing to learn or relearn Hebrew I will not need to be protected from the word conjunction by calling them joining words This becomes very unhelpful with the moods of verbs whose normal Hebrew names give a strong clue as to how to identify them and as this is only an introduction the writer must surely know his reader will need to go elsewhere with the proper names of categories to move on with study.

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    hebrew text a shade too small, especially for the vowel markings

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    An excellent little book for someone starting out learning Biblical Hebrew.

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    Good book, well written, the only thing it lacks to make 5 star, is cd to aid pronouncing of the letters and words correctly.

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    A good starter for Biblical Hebrew.

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