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It Can't Be True! Poo!: Packed with pong-tastic poo facts Did you ever wonder about how much poop has been pooped How about which animal poops the most or which species poops the biggest poops Well, this book has it all covered Everything you ever wanted, needed or wondered about poop is right here Find out all about how poop is made, where it goes and what it does.From how many farts you will pass in a lifetime and how much toilet roll the world uses, to methane gas and poop parasites, there is information than you could have ever imagined there could be about poop I would definitely recommend this book pongtastic book, it was very funny, very interesting and it s all factual, the kids loved it too This Book Stinks Hold Your Nose While You Find Out Absolutely Everything You Never Knew About Poo Did You Know That A Week S Worth Of Elephant Poo Weighs As Much A PeopleA Lifetime Of Farts Would Fill , BalloonsThe World Uses Enough Loo Paper In An Hour To Wrap Around The Earth Times This Irresistibly Disgusting Book For Children Will Teach You All You Need To Know About All Kinds Of Animal Dung And Human Waste What It S For, How It S Made, Where It Goes, And Lots Poo Comes In All Shapes And Sizes Every Animal Has Its Own Special Sort And Some Have Fascinating Uses For It Wombats Use Their Cube Shaped Droppings To Mark Their Territory Potato Beetles Build A Shield Of Dung For Defence Male Hippos Spray Out A Faecal Shower To Attract Mates And Rabbits And Dung Beetles Eat Their Pellets For Extra Nutrition We Might Call It Waste But In Fact, Poo Is Among The Most Useful Stuff On Earth From Building Materials And Paper To Coffee And Even Water Purification, There S A Multitude Of Manure Based Matter In Our LivesThis Unique Book Is Jam Packed With Scientific Explanations And Amazing Trivia About Human And Animal Deposits Did You Know, For Example, That The Global Population Produces Than A Million Tonnes Of Poo Every Day Or That An Average Poo Contains Trillion Bacteria Or That Wars Have Been Fought Over Guano All These Facts And Are Presented, Either With Jaw Dropping CGI Illustrations Or Eye Popping Photography Additional Boxes Feature Infographics That Make Information Easy To Understand With Endlessly Interesting Information And Incredible Visuals, It Can T Be True Poo Is The Perfect Way To Entertain And Amuse Your Friends, Family, And Yourself In Fact, You Ll Never Look At Poo In The Same Way Again Behind the cartoonish front cover featuring a giant poo, is a surprisingly interesting non fiction book all about human and animal waste My nine year old son was especially interested in this book, he s at the age where he likes anything disgusting lol My other children also enjoyed picking it up to read a few fascinating facts.It s a well laid out book with just enough diagrams and illustrations to make it accessible for children I m really surprised by how much is in this book, I never realised poo was such a broad and interesting subject The book made my children laugh and giggle, but they have also gained some knowledge. Not only is this exciting and a bit of a giggle, it actually teaches and learns the reader being children or teens facts about each of the animals To be honest I was expecting it to be just a funny picture book of all sorts of different poos but it s really isn t yes it shows each animal poo but the factual aspect is top notch In the end I can say it s a very enjoyable, factual and also ticks the reading skill boxes Great job and happy days will be looking at some of the other exciting books this manufacture makes. I don t usually spend a lot of time thinking about bodily waste but was strangely intrigued by this book From the front cover where it makes a joke about being the number 2 best seller it had me hooked Who knew so many facts about poo could be compiled in one book and that it could be illustrated so beautifully I ll be honest and say I ll never quite look at my toilet habits in the same light An enjoyable read for all the family and would make a fun gift for anyone. This Disgusting book for children will teach you and all your family about all kinds of animal dung and human waste what it s for, how it s made, where it goes, and lots For sure you ll never look at poo in the same way again Im keeping this book in a toilet, so family members and guests can have a look at it It can be a very fun gift for anyone.I would definitely recommend this book pongtastic book kids will love it too. Don t be put off by the crude cover clearly designed to attract kids , this is an interesting and informative non fiction science book from which your child and likely you will learn a lot From bacteria and viruses, to global warming, to the digestive system, this book covers a range of topics, all related to poo I ve been reading a page a night with my kids and the poo factor has maintained their interest and amusement A very nicely made book in general, but the fact that is about poo makes all the fun Daughter loves it and all the wacky poo facts I learned something new from reading it, so it does teach you some things, but it as also very funny and cleverly done to make it good for the whole family to read One to leave lying in the bathroom for a spot of toilet reading

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the It Can't Be True! Poo!: Packed with pong-tastic poo facts book, this is one of the most wanted DK author readers around the world.

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