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The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two (Book of Dust 2) It Is Twenty Years Since The Events Of La Belle Sauvage The Book Of Dust Volume One Unfolded And Saw The Baby Lyra Belacqua Begin Her Life Changing Journey It Is Almost Ten Years Since Readers Left Lyra And The Love Of Her Young Life, Will Parry, On A Park Bench In Oxford S Botanic Gardens At The End Of The Ground Breaking, Bestselling His Dark Materials Sequence Now, In The Secret Commonwealth, We Meet Lyra Silvertongue And She Is No Longer A ChildThe Second Volume Of Philip Pullman S The Book Of Dust Sees Lyra, Now Twenty Years Old, And Her Daemon Pantalaimon, Forced To Navigate Their Relationship In A Way They Could Never Have Imagined, And Drawn Into The Complex And Dangerous Factions Of A World That They Had No Idea Existed Pulled Along On His Own Journey Too Is Malcolm Once A Boy With A Boat And A Mission To Save A Baby From The Flood, Now A Man With A Strong Sense Of Duty And A Desire To Do What Is RightTheirs Is A World At Once Familiar And Extraordinary, And They Must Travel Far Beyond The Edges Of Oxford, Across Europe And Into Asia, In Search For What Is Lost A City Haunted By Daemons, A Secret At The Heart Of A Desert, And The Mystery Of The Elusive Dust The Secret Commonwealth Is Truly A Book For Our Times A Powerful Adventure And A Thought Provoking Look At What It Is To Understand Yourself, To Grow Up And Make Sense Of The World Around You This Is Storytelling At Its Very Best From One Of Our Greatest WritersReviews For The Secret Commonwealth The Book Of Dust Volume TwoPullman Has Created A Fantasy World, Made Yet Satisfying In Rigour And Stylistic Elegance This Is A Book For Getting Older With Guardian, Book Of The Week The Secret Commonwealth Is Ablaze With Light And Life The Writing Is Exquisite Every Sentence Sings To Read Pullman Is To Experience The World Refreshed, Aglow, In Technicolouri Pullman S Story Is Still Thought Provoking This Book Elegantly Weaves In Live Issues, From Europe S Refugee Crisis To Facts In The Post Truth Era And Pullman S Prose Is Rewarding As Ever The Times A Long, Taxing, Complex Journey, Laced With Beauty, Terror And Philosophy Metro As Ever, Pullman S Story Is Complex And Vast But Home To Some Of The Finest Storytelling In The St Century Revel In Whole New Worlds And Enjoy One Of Literature S Most Wonderful Heroines Before She Comes To HBO And The BBC StylistPullman Is Confronting Readers With The Horrors Of Our Own World Reflected Back At Us In The Secret Commonwealth He Creates A Fearful Symmetry The Herald I m halfway through, and I m only finishing it in case it comes alive it s extraordinarily low in energy and invention the few references to Dark Materials seem to be put in as an editorial necessity but add nothing There are too many characters at least, too many without distinguishing features Lyra is depressed Pan has detached himself they re off on journeys that lack any kind of emergency It feels horribly formulaic.The interesting inventions that overflowed in the previous books just aren t there Where are the bears Where are the witches The mulefa What happened after all the seismic changes in the first volumes And the introduction of characters like Mozart and Napoleon yes, honestly don t sit well in a world that s supposed to have split off from our world several hundred years ago.Part of the plot consists of an argument between two best selling philosophers who have somewhat reductionist views of human life Neither is described with any sort of detail, they re not very interesting, and I really can t work out what purpose they serve I suppose the intention was to satirise some current debates or maybe to revert to Gulliver s discovery of the big enders and little enders but the satire lacks bite.I ll finish it, of course just as I used to finish my vegetables But I doubt I ll enjoy it or even remember what it was all about. I had very high expectations of this novel and they were exceeded I m not going to try to particularise as I can t do so with disclosing plot details I started as soon as I got access on my Kindle and with breaks for necessities finished at 11 30 at night in a state of emotional exhaustion.The plot itself is complex with many parallel strands but Philip Pullman manages to allow one to follow all of them simultaneously with difficulty Lyra has matured but lost none of her courage or moral strength The only thing that left me unsatisfied as the author intends is the cliff hanger ending and I shall be fidgeting for volume three. The exact opposite of a page turner.I did turn the pages, of course, in the hope that something interesting would be over leaf but it seldom was and I lost the will to live long before the end.As for people here praising the writing, I can t think what sort of things they must be reading.To me the writing is humdrum, without much spark or wit I want a work of fiction to have me riveted To find that hours have flown by and it won t be too long before I have to get up.I can think of any number of authors to whom that applies, even in some of their books that I don t rate too highly And many make profound points, as well as entertain.I m struggling to think why the author bothered The reasons can t surely be financial so if it s social commentary he s wanting to make, why not just come out and make it without fictionalising in such a long, drawn out fashion..I m also at a loss as to how professional reviewers can be so full of praise Perhaps they re unable to see profundity in the real world and have to look for it elsewhere.

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