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Girl, Woman, Other: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2019 WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERThis Is Britain As You Ve Never Read ItThis Is Britain As It Has Never Been ToldFrom Newcastle To Cornwall, From The Birth Of The Twentieth Century To The Teens Of The Twenty First, Girl Woman Other Follows A Cast Of Twelve Characters On Their Personal Journeys Through This Country And The Last Hundred Years They Re Each Looking For Something A Shared Past, An Unexpected Future, A Place To Call Home, Somewhere To Fit In, A Lover, A Missed Mother, A Lost Father, Even Just A Touch Of Hope Masterful A Choral Love Song To Black Womanhood In Modern Great Britain Elle Exceptional Ambitious, Flowing And All Encompassing, An Offbeat Narrative That Ll Leave Your Mind In An Invigorated Whirl It Unites Poetry, Social History, Women S Voices And Beyond You Have To Order It Right Now Stylist Bernardine Evaristo Can Take Any Story From Any Time And Turn It Into Something Vibrating With Life Ali Smith, Author Of How To Be Both Sparkling, Inventive Sunday Times Funny, Sad, Tender And True, Deserves To Win Awards Red Brims With Vitality Financial TimesSHORTLISTED FOR THE GORDON BURN PRIZE

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    Review Girl, Woman, Other is an unconventional novel in the sense that it doesn t have a plot, doesn t have a particularly linear timeline, and doesn t have a single focal character What it is, essentially, is a collection of twelve different, loosely linked cha

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    A book that brings to the fore the women least likely to be represented in fiction Departing from a linear form of storytelling it presents us with a web which links twelve main characters all of whom Bernardine Evaristo treats with empathy and respect.I found unforgettab

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    Bernadine for me has painted in so many stories of UK citizens which are universal we ve just lost touch with them or never really knew them She s shown humanity on such a broad scale that has left me feeling I ve experienced something brutally beautiful in reading her book.

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    This is a beautiful book that is poignant, full of heart and hope It s a story about what makes us human, what makes us who we are and how we are all connected, one way or the other A shining light in a book Just perfect.

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    Very compelling, original, and relentlessly gossipy This novel weaves an intricate web of connections over many years of a group of women They are linked in a dozen ways, through blood, friendship, chance, love,.the construction of the book is quite dazzling I was totally engrossed from start to finis

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    Each of the characters are carefully drawn, with their own distinct outlines in what otherwise is a bit of a blur or different people What I really loved was the connections of one to another, their surprising and revealing to intertwinedness, which we all have but are usually unaware of

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    I was encouraged to read this as a result of the publicity about the Booker Prize.The writing style is unusual but once I got into it, the rhythmic, poetic style of writing got me hooked A cast of characters cleverly woven together.I spotted a couple of errors and typos, so I feel the Editors have let the author down som

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