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Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future Annoying book Selective use of evidence to support a particular point of view Don t waste your money Remarkable Grips With The Force Of A Thriller Robert MacFarlaneAn Astonishing Expos Of The Aftermath Of Chernobyl And The Plot To Cover Up The TruthThe Official Death Toll Of The Chernobyl Accident, The Worst Nuclear Disaster In History , Is Only , And Stories Today Commonly Suggest That Nature Is Thriving There Yet Award Winning Historian Kate Brown Uncovers A Much Disturbing Story, One In Which Radioactive Isotopes Caused Hundreds Of Thousands Of Casualties, And The Magnitude Of This Human And Ecological Catastrophe Has Been Actively SuppressedBased On A Decade Of Archival And On The Ground Research, Manual For Survival Is A Gripping Account Of The Consequences Of Nuclear Radiation In The Wake Of Chernobyl And The Plot To Cover It Up As Brown Discovers, Soviet Scientists, Bureaucrats, And Civilians Documented Staggering Increases In Cases Of Birth Defects, Child Mortality, Cancers And A Multitude Of Life Altering Diseases Years After The Disaster Worried That This Evidence Would Blow The Lid On The Effects Of Massive Radiation Release From Weapons Testing During The Cold War, Scientists And Diplomats From International Organizations, Including The UN, Tried To Bury Or Discredit It Yet Brown Also Encounters Many Everyday Heroes, Often Women, Who Fought To Bring Attention To The Ballooning Health Catastrophe, And Adapt To Life In A Post Nuclear Landscape, Where Dangerously Radioactive Radioactive Berries, Distorted Trees And Birth Defects Still Persist TodayAn Astonishing Historical Detective Story, Manual For Survival Makes Clear The Irreversible Impact Of Nuclear Energy On Every Living Thing, Not Just From Chernobyl, But From Eight Decades Of Radiaoactive Fallout From Weapons Development This book explains that what happened in Chernobyl has a permanent and lasting effect on Nature, human beings and bacteria The book is interesting but not particularly scientific However it provides a good idea of what long lasting effect this incident had and has on the contaminated areas This is not a scientific book or a detailed history of the incident. I suppose everyone knows virtually everything about the Chernobyl accident these days, I sure thought I did I ve been obsessed with it since it happened when I was a child But a lot of people myself included probably aren t aware of what happened AFTER, and indeed what is happening still, because Chernobyl isn t over for us yet That s the main focus of this book if you want to learn about the actual Chernobyl accident there are plenty of good books about that, but what this book focuses on is what happened After It s not flashy, it s clearly been a long slog for the author to dig up the history in some cases she was the first western researcher to access some of the archives but I couldn t put it down and the depth of the research is really impressive.We tend to think of events like Chernobyl, Fukushima and nuclear bomb testings as single points in history, but the author is suggesting we should instead recognise them for what they are part of a larger tapestry which, when viewed as a whole, is actually quite terrifying According to the author, sixty six nuclear accidents occurred in Ukraine alone in the year after Chernobyl blew, by way of example The book doesn t stop at Chernobyl either, exploring what the author describes as a blanketing of the entire northern hemisphere by nuclear fallout due to nuclear tests and accidents of which Chernobyl is just a piddly one The author asserts, for example, that fallout of radioactive iodine from atmospheric detonations of nuclear bombs in Nevada dwarfed Chernobyl emissions three times over Let that sink in.As the book explains so eloquently, industry accidents are difficult and expensive to clean up And the alternative is what we are living with after Chernobyl An alarming litany of catastrophic incompetence and disingenuousness by governments quelle surprise and international organisations including the UN and WHO organisations I suspect many of us have naively trusted right up until about halfway through this book, I suspect They haven t exactly covered themselves in glory the author s description of how UN, EU and US agencies actively worked to downplay and diminish research which suggests the aftermath of Chernobyl was worse and wider than previously thought, leaves the reader coldly horrified The book raises concerns about a complete lack of understanding in these organisations of the health effects of long term exposure to chronic low levels of radiation, and an unwillingness to learn.The book mentions one incident where European Economic Community agreed to buy a disputed shipment of contaminated wheat after the Chernobyl incident, which they then mixed with clean grain and shipped to Africa and East Germany as aid With friends like these, we hardly need enemies.If this book is even half correct, we should all be very worried. Another reviewer, Dr Ian Fairlie, says it the way I would have liked to have said it.I would have given it four stars only for the occasional poor punctuation poor proofreading editing , but the contents, as well as the quality of material for the hardcover and pages, are so good that it should get six stars

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