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Fascinating readgreat way to pick up the basics Nicely set out and interestingaccessible to teens upwards This book satisfied a multitude of needs for me, explaining a huge raft of research in many areas, and presenting how we currently understand things That makes it sound a difficult read, which it isn t.The author covers topics ranging from The Story of Evolution, through Ecological processes and systems, and ending with the state of our world at the moment.I have a passing interest in most of the topics, yet found myself absorbed in reading about them.The book is well and accessibly written, extremely clearly presented, with subjects neatly explained.It is a really good basis for understanding the overall topic.I recommend it, and I have a small queue of family members asking to read my copy after me, as proof.. Fabulous book Colourful Interesting Really good condition Came in the post on time. I do keep up with current affairs, so I am fully aware that we humans are ruining literally everything However, having it all essentially summarized in one book is an eye opener to say the least.It is however up to the usual DK standard meaning full colour pages, ecological ink and paper I HOPE Hah , illustrations everywhere, well thought out layout, good quality pages and binding, etc You really can t beat DK for reference books at the moment.Topics range from scientific to environmental to political and everywhere between, including things we can do and are doing to try to mitigate fix hah as if the disasters that are unfolding in our time.It s probably one of the informative and easy to digest books out there on the current ecological situation, and seems largely well balanced and based in fact.Thoroughly recommend But brace yourself It s not a pleasant read. How Do Species Interact With Each Other And Their Environment How Do Ecosystems Change What Is Biodiversity And Can We Afford To Damage It Throughout History, Humankind Has Tried To Order The Living World And Understand How It Works As Our Influence On The Planet Grows, Answering These Profound Questions Is Becoming And Pressing Written In Plain English, The Ecology Book Is Packed With Short, Pithy Explanations Of Than Key Ideas Step By Step Diagrams Untangle Tricky Theories, Illuminating Quotes Make The Ideas And Discoveries Memorable, And Witty Illustrations Enhance And Play With Our Understanding Of The Science You Ll Explore Key Theories, Movements, And Events In Biology, Geology, Geography, And Environmentalism, From The Ideas Of Classical Thinkers And Enlightenment Attempts To Impose Order On Nature, To Discoveries Such As DNA And Theories Like The Gaia Hypothesis Boxes Highlighting Green Issues The Impact Of Pesticides, The Plight Of Vulnerable Species, And The Search For Renewable Energy Appear Throughout, As Do Profiles Of Influential Figures Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus, Rachel Carson, And James Lovelock Which Place Their Ideas In Their Historical ContextWhether You Re New To Ecology, A Science Student, Or Simply Concerned About What S Happening To Our Planet, This Is A Comprehensive Introduction To The Environment And Climate Change Arguably The Most Important Subjects Of Our Time This is another fantastic example of the DK publishing books series, ie philosophy book, psychology book, religions book, crime book, history book, literature book etc.It follows the now familiar format, which includes a fantastic clear contents page, divided into thematic sections, with clear subtitled chapters, great directory, glossary, index, quote attributions, acknowledgements.There is, as with the whole series, great use of infographics, illustrations, pictures, diagramatic information, time lines for key ideas, thinkers, concepts, quotations in different type or set apart from the text and in context boxes which indicate key figures and paragraphs, with dates, from before discoveries or hypothesis ideas and afterwards.One of the things I have to say about this book is that there is lots and lots to learn I say that as someone who I would have regarded as well informed or at least acquainted with the majority of the key ideas in ecology As it turns out I was mistaken, there are concepts which I had thought might form the substance of a single chapter, maybe, and instead they constitute entire sections with multiple chapters A great example of this was the section on eco systems, which has ten separate but related chapters, it is possible to have a reductive understanding of eco systems, which I admit to having had, that it is about profound interconnection and interdependence but this section is very much a broadening and deepening of the ideas.The book also deals, far than I had suspected, with ecology as environmental sciences, rather than contested politics, of which there are two, longer, sections, ie The Human Factor and Environmentalism and Conservation If I had any criticism to make of the book it may be that it repeats some of the messages, which I think are older and positively misanthropic, about humanity s impact being purely negative Human impact definitely is not to be underestimated and I definitely would not contest lots of the information which is present here, for instance about plastics pollution However, on the other hand, despite ideas about a sustainable biosphere, integration inclusion in eco systems, there still seems to be consideration of humankind as a species apart from nature or denatured , perhaps it could be an issue with ecology rather than this DK Book.Also I think the chapter Think globally, act locally on The Green Movement I thought was really short, didnt give much of a clue as to the diversity and disparity within supposed green politics so called deep greens , like Earth First , pale greens , social ecology and that before you consider all the hybrids with other modern political ideologies which all make special pleadings for unique compatibility with ecological findings and concerns.These are not major criticism though and I definitely would not consider that these things spoil the book in any way, there s so much here to learn about environmental science and its not information that is well disseminated or easily discoverable elsewhere, say for instance online or reported in the news Recommended. This is a great format for giving readers an overview of a complex subject, presenting the most important ideas in a simple, but not simplistic style My 13 year old son enjoyed reading this and I would recommend it for young adults, although it seems aimed at the intelligent adult The editor is Tony Juniper, a former director of Friends of the Earth, but this is very much a science based book rather than an environmentalist polemic.I m not always convinced by the DK format, but in this series they have a winner. This is an exciting, accessible and enlightening guide to ecology.After a Foreword by the environmentalist Tony Juniper and an illuminating introduction there are chapters on The Story of Evolution Ecological Processes Ordering the Natural World Organisms in a Changing Environment The Living Earth The Human Factor Environmentalism and Conservation The book concludes with a Directory a Glossary of ecological terms The Ecology Book is a beautifully designed and clearly written introduction to an increasingly important subject which deserves to be widely read.The government should send a copy to every school in the country. The Ecology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ecology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained book, this is one of the most wanted DK author readers around the world.

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