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Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume Three: Herself Alone This is the third and final volume of Charles Moore s official biography of Mrs Thatcher s life from the start of her final term in office to her death, taken from over 600 interviews, her official papers, private correspondence and interviews with the former Prime Minister It appears that the only key player the author has not interviewed was President Gorbachev due to the latter s ill health.Mr Moore s writing style is, as one would expect from a former Editor of The Spectator, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, extremely clear and has very informative, useful notes I like the reference to where participants went to school and which university he she went to I also like his dry sense of humour he refers to the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 which..went viral though that phrase did not exist at the time He also relates a story regarding Chancellor Kohl who gloated to Mrs Thatcher, after the England v Germany semi final World Cup match in 1990 which England lost, that Germany had beaten England at their own national game to which Mrs Thatcher instantly responded, that the English had defeated Germany twice at theirs in the 20th Century.The book also reveals that the former British Prime Minister was the first mainstream British politician who talked about global warming in the mid 1980s This is startling since this does not fit in with the general mythology regarding the Lady In fact so low was the interest in the speech to the Royal Society in 1988 that there was no lighting from the media for the talk that Mrs Thatcher had trouble seeing her text under the poor lighting at Fishmonger s Hall.There are interesting facts which are not commonly known Mrs Thatcher had wanted to call her own autobiography Undefeated following her victories for the Conservative leadership, three general elections and her defeat of Michael Heseltine in that final pyrrhic victory for the Conservative leadership Further, I had always assumed that the back seat driver quotation attributed to Mrs Thatcher was in relation to Major, but Moore explains it was made of George H.W Bush in relation to the Iraq Kuwait war, for which she had greatly stiffened US resolve following earlier displays of Bush Baker timidity in the early stages of the Iraqi invasion It seems that the BBC had erroneously stated that Mrs Thatcher said this about Major but this was not true.Mr Moore is excellent on her fall from office, revealing the treachery by some fellow senior Conservative politicians We all know about Heseltine but Douglas Hurd, Tristan Garel Jones, Chris Patten, and John Major are revealed to be particularly underhand and extremely devious, at odds with their public image Right wingers Peter Lilley, Francis Maude and Norman Lamont are also shown to be not quite as loyal as their public image suggests We learn that Major, according to Lamont,..is clever than you think and less nice All are exposed in this book to be sly, some of them ludicrously so.Relevance to the current day comes with Mrs Thatcher suggesting a referendum on Europe shortly before she fell from office, her warnings about Maastricht, EMU and the likely rise of the extremes in politics if the European community continued on the path to centralisation, and Major s prorogation of Parliament before the 1992 election I had recently been led to believe that he opposed this Indeed Major only went above Kinnock in the polls when his campaign was given a huge boost when they allowed Mrs Thatcher on the campaign trail and he overtook the Welshman in the latter stages of the contest he had wanted to keep her in the background.A great read and a quality book Highly recommended. What an achievement well done to Charles Moore And warmest congratulations to David Shiels and Andrew Riley who worked for many years behind the scenes to make this entire series possible. Volume three of Charles Moore s biography of Margaret Thatcher, Herself Alone , is a monumental and ultimately tragic work The last chapter in the history of Britain s bravest Prime Minister struggling against an undercurrent of remorseless decline and degeneration which finally pulled her down with the country she loved and served with all her heart and soul the epitaph of Great Britain. It s really well written and research. a big hevey book.it is a christmas present but my son has book1 and book2.he wantted it in paperback but there was no option yet xmas present Interesting reading The Final Part Of Charles Moore S Bestselling And Definitive Biography Of Britain S First Female Prime Minister, One Of The Great Biographical Achievements Of Our Times Sunday Times How Did Margaret Thatcher Change And Divide Britain How Did Her Model Of Combative Female Leadership Help Shape The Way We Live Now How Did The Woman Who Won The Cold War And Three General Elections In Succession Find Herself Pushed Out By Her Own MPs Charles Moore S Full Account, Based On Unique Access To Margaret Thatcher Herself, Her Papers And Her Closest Associates, Tells The Story Of Her Last Period In Office, Her Combative Retirement And The Controversy That Surrounded Her Even In Death It Includes The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Which She Had Fought For And The Rise Of The Modern EU Which She Feared It Lays Bare Her Growing Quarrels With Colleagues And Reveals The Truth About Her Political AssassinationMoore S Three Part Biography Of Britain S Most Important Peacetime Prime Minister Paints An Intimate Political And Personal Portrait Of The Victories And Defeats, The Iron Will But Surprising Vulnerability Of The Woman Who Dominated In An Age Of Male Power This Is The Full, Enthralling Story

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