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Lighting for Digital Video and Television Enhance The Visual Quality Of Your Motion Pictures And Digital Videos With A Solid Understanding Of Lighting Fundamentals This Complete Course In Digital Video Lighting Begins With How The Human Eye And The Camera Process Light And Color, Progresses Through The Basics Of Equipment And Setups, And Finishes With Practical Lessons On How To Solve Common Problems Filled With Clear Illustrations And Real World Examples That Demonstrate Proper Equipment Use, Safety Issues, And Staging Techniques, Lighting For Digital Video Presents Readers With All They Need To Create Their Own Visual Masterpieces Features Film Style Techniques For Digital Video Productions Creating Movie Looks On A Low Budget Lighting For HD How To Maximize Existing Light Interview Setups Color Correction Techniques In Mixed Lighting Situations

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    It is both a knowledge book if read as whole, and nice reference book with pictures and real life examples, if re check and confirm is needed for some exact scenario I like desing of the book, and easy to understand narrative.

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    A great book, clearly written, explaining all aspects of lighting Lots of good photos and recommendations for the cameraman and very practical Chapters on all types of lighting and equipment and easy to read but professional Great

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    An eye opening guide the author explains and illustrates in a very approachable way how lighting design can affect the mood and help develop story almost as much as sound design Logical, starts with the basics and develops the ideas to give the reader a sol

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    Great basics Would have preferred lighting set ups but otherwise a really easy read for the novice Highly recommended.

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    When you are in business, you will want to cut through the fluff and get a technical reference such as this book I look for technical book for any discipline I am interested in Lighting for digital Video and Television was meant to be practical I use it however as a

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