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Lighting for Digital Video and Television, 3rd Edition Enhance The Visual Quality Of Your Motion Pictures And Digital Videos With A Solid Understanding Of Lighting Fundamentals This Complete Course In Digital Video Lighting Begins With How The Human Eye And The Camera Process Light And Color, Progresses Through The Basics Of Equipment And Setups, And Finishes With Practical Lessons On How To Solve Common Problems Filled With Clear Illustrations And Real World Examples That Demonstrate Proper Equipment Use, Safety Issues, And Staging Techniques, Lighting For Digital Video Presents Readers With All They Need To Create Their Own Visual Masterpieces Features Film Style Techniques For Digital Video Productions Creating Movie Looks On A Low Budget Lighting For HD How To Maximize Existing Light How To Be A Grip Safety Issues Interview Setups Color Correction Techniques In Mixed Lighting Situations Shows How To Shoot In Available Light Color Correction In Mixed Lighting Situations Film Style Lighting Techniques That Create Realistic Looks Specialized Setups For Blue Screen, Night Shots, And Product Photography Lighting Sets With Fixed Practical Light Sources

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