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Rivers: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) Rivers Have Played An Extraordinarily Important Role In Creating The World In Which We Live They Create Landscapes And Provide Water To People, Plants And Animals, Nourishing Both Town And Country The Flow Of Rivers Has Enthused Poets And Painters, Explorers And Pilgrims Rivers Have Acted As Cradles For Civilization And Agents Of Disaster A River May Be A Barrier Or A Highway, It Can Bear Trade And Sediment, Culture And Conflict A River May Inspire Or It May Terrify This Very Short Introduction Is A Celebration Of Rivers In All Their Diversity Nick Middleton Covers A Wide And Eclectic Range Of River Based Themes, From Physical Geography To Mythology, To Industrial History And Literary Criticism Worshipped And Revered, Respected And Feared, Rivers Reflect Both The Natural And Social History Of Our Planet ABOUT THE SERIES The Very Short Introductions Series From Oxford University Press Contains Hundreds Of Titles In Almost Every Subject Area These Pocket Sized Books Are The Perfect Way To Get Ahead In A New Subject Quickly Our Expert Authors Combine Facts, Analysis, Perspective, New Ideas, And Enthusiasm To Make Interesting And Challenging Topics Highly Readable.

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    Nick Middleton s Rivers is a slightly eclectic approach to the subject which is one of the strengths of this excellent series The first and final chapters Nature s Driver and Tamed Rivers are the best in my view dealing with the physical and human geographies of rivers As Middleton is a geographer, this is perhaps not surprising H

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    The Very Short Introductions are a major educational resource There are presently over 500 small books covering a very wide range of subjects Although short, the Introductions are substantial in content Everyone would benefit from reading these books to broaden their knowledge and understanding in diverse areas of life Perseverance with

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    First of all, love the A Very Short Introduction series Nick Middleton has also written for this series about deserts, but I have not had the chance to read that work yet I ve read a lot of the series, and its really opened doors into subjects about which I knew little Rivers covers every conceivable topic related to waterways It explores the b

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    RIVERS is an unexpected delight The writing style is easy, smooth reading Besides the expected hard science information, RIVERS unexpectedly incorporates many cultural events associated with rivers Rivers not only clearly explains new terms, but often gives the etymologies of the terms I recommend this book to everyone.

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    This book highlighted a lot of cultural benefits that we gain from rivers It was a good read The reason for the four stars is that I thought it would contain scientific knowledge on rivers like was done in other books in this series Good book nevertheless.

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    We give the book this rating because there was only a modest amount of new information for us We would recommend this book most to people who have not read much about rivers, water quality, eco systems management, or the like We highly recommend it to people who want a good survey of the material Read by our household.

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    As advertised

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