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A Brief History of Neoliberalism Neoliberalism The Doctrine That Market Exchange Is An Ethic In Itself, Capable Of Acting As A Guide For All Human Action Has Become Dominant In Both Thought And Practice Throughout Much Of The World Since Or So Writing For A Wide Audience, David Harvey, Author Of The New Imperialism And The Condition Of Postmodernity, Here Tells The Political Economic Story Of Where Neoliberalization Came From And How It Proliferated On The World Stage Through Critical Engagement With This History, He Constructs A Framework, Not Only For Analyzing The Political And Economic Dangers That Now Surround Us, But Also For Assessing The Prospects For The Socially Just Alternatives Being Advocated By Many Oppositional Movements This is a good introduction to the area of neoliberalism, this coming from someone who has diddly squat knowledge on the area It s hard going at first but when you get passed the first chapter or so, you just sort of roll through it Well written, seems well researched to me.Only thing was my copy came with writing in it, which I wasn t pleased about as it was meant to be very good condition. A Brief History of Neoliberalism is a short classic Very clear, concise and brilliantly argued with copious supporting evidence Harvey dissects the advance of neoliberalism from the crises of the 1970s to its triumph after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s Harvey s lectures on Marxism are justly famous for their clarity and this is also a defining feature of his writing Thoroughly recommended for anyone wishing to understand the politics of contemporary world capitalism and its relationship to national states. Everyone knows the world s just not right But very few know exactly why This book is a REAL eye opener, and gives you all the info you need to understand the world you live in, including the global financial crisis, which is just a by product of the socio economic system we have, and the deep psychological premises it is built on. Good book, well written and many keen observations are made.You can agree or disagree, but the book will challenge your way of thinking and explain why that s the case media etc.My only issue is that it is a bit too argumentative without really engaging counter arguments That might be a personal preference though. A cutting indictment of modern economic practices from the eminent Prof Harvey deeply interesting, and whilst concise, builds an enquiry of some depths into the truth of the neoliberal agenda Analysis ever tinged with characteristic Marxism, but even for those not subscribing to such views, this offers a glimpse through the looking glass, and even interesting in the wake of the financial crisis of 08, and following political ramifications, especially in the USA and China. Perfect If you are interested in what s behind the intensifying chaos across the world, read this fluently written book With due regard to specific, concrete realities, Harvey analyses the global economy as it has unfolded since the Reagan Thatcher political legal routing of Keynes and effective ideological promotion of a very specific and narrow notion of freedom This so called freedom, Harvey shows, has resulted in gross inequalities of wealth and power, emmiseration for many, and environmental degradation amongst other externalities of the sacred process of capital accumulation Noteworthy in the midst of a cornucopia of insights are the accounts of the effects of neoliberalim on Mexico, Argentina, Sweden, China Harvey, crucially though, identifies a lacuna in the various analyses of neoliberalism and it is illuminatingthe absence of a class analysis This he supplies in outline form and it is illuminating Read this book

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Brief History of Neoliberalism book, this is one of the most wanted David Harvey author readers around the world.

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