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Why Chemical Reactions Happen By Tackling The Most Central Ideas In Chemistry, Why Chemical Reactions Happen Provides The Reader With All The Tools And Concepts Needed To Think Like A Chemist The Text Takes A Unified Approach To The Subject, Aiming To Help The Reader Develop A Real Overview Of Chemical Processes, By Avoiding The Traditional Divisions Of Physical, Inorganic And Organic Chemistry To Understand How Chemical Reactions Happen We Need To Know About The Bonding In Molecules, How Molecules Interact, What Determines Whether An Interaction Is Favorable Or Not, And What The Outcome Will Be Answering These Questions Requires An Understanding Of Topics From Quantum Mechanics, Through Thermodynamics, To Curly Arrows In This Book All Of These Topics Are Presented In A Coherent And Coordinated Fashion, Showing How Each Leads To A Deeper Understanding Of Chemical Reactions

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    This is a great book to help understand my passion for chemistry, particularly how endothermic and exothermic bonds happen I had a friend who used magicians flash wool on the stage and wanted to understand the chemistry in detail The first few chapters are a great introduction on how energy is absorbed and released through the break

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    Worth buying at A level if having any thoughts of continuing chem at uni as it covers some topics that tend to be left hanging as just so stories and this bridges the gap Some of the topics are fairly advanced but this is an excellent primer and very readable so that when you come across the topic in a lecture you will hit the ground running.V

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    I m a teacher, and bought this book to use as a way of stretching an able student I taught I d set him chapters to read, and ask him to present the key points ideas to me later on He liked this challenge, and enjoyed approaching this book in that way.The book presents the core ideas in chemistry well It is accessible to second language learners who have

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    A very interesting book particularly useful for people thinking of applying for Chemistry Natural Sciences i liked a lot of the chapters on things like entropy, thermodynamics, and bonding A lot of is was quite hard to get my head around, particularly the Molecular Orbital theory parts were quite challenging and could potentially use a little explanation Otherwi

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    I found this to be an excellent book It describes the underlying basis for why reactions happen without the maths It provides the best intuition of the relationship between entropy and position of equilibria that I have ever read I bought the book on the basis of those sections alone.This book is a perfect bridge between A level and degree level chemistry Anyone studying c

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    Some real detail here on how atoms interact to create the effect of a reaction The book reviews how quantum mechanics explains how the orbitals constrain the sharing of electrons during a reaction.

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    Just what I wanted and excellent service provided by the supplier

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    I read this book when I was in my final year of high school For anyone looking to study Chemistry or something related in further education this book is great for giving you an insight into complex Chemistry It s laid out in an interesting way and is enjoyable to read from than a typical Chemistry textbook.

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