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The Crucible of Creation: The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals Tells A Great Story And Manages To Be Informative At All Levels Conway Morris Has A Collector S Eye For The Sort Of Entertaining Yet Informative Snippets That Keep Readers On Their Toes New Scientist Located In The West Of Canada, The Burgess Shale Contains A Unique Collection Of Fossil Remains, And Has Become An Icon For Those Studying The History Of Life This Remarkable Book Takes Us On A Fresh Journey Back In Time Through The Burgess Shale And Its Astonishing Collection Of Pre Cambrian Creatures In An Entertaining And Readable Style, Simon Conway Morris Paints A Vivid Picture Of The Critical Period Which Saw The Diversification Of All The Major Animal Groups, And Takes A Controversial Stance On Current Evolutionary Theories That Is Sure To Provoke Much Interest And Debate It Is Less Bleak In Its Assessment Of Life On Earth And It Is Spiritually Uplifting, Rather Than Dry And Mechanistic As Some Would Have Us Believe THES The Centerpiece Of The Crucible Of Creation Is A Description, Authoritative And Readable, Of The Animals Themselves New York Times Book Review

8 thoughts on “The Crucible of Creation: The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals

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    An excellent book on the subject by Conway Morris.

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    A very interesting book expounding some recent theory and discoveries Well worth reading for the scientifically curious.

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    A little too flowery

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    Fantastic read, was so excited to get this and came in perfect condition

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    An interesting, good value book focussing on a particularly rich source offossils that give a detailed account of the range of body plans thatemerged during the Cambrian explosion about 500MYr ago Not suitable as ageneral text for students of evolution

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    Conway Morris s use of the time travelling scientists as a vehicle for providing the imaginary licence required to describe living ecosystems that existed half a billion years ago is original and neat, although I found it slightly childish and detracting from the academic nature of the subject of the book the fauna of the Burgess Shale Comments I ve read about Conway Morris s style not being a polished

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    You have a choice in reading this book take a senior course in evolutionary biology, or spend an hour carefully reviewing the introductory glossary Don t be intimidated by this initial labour, however, there are great rewards awaiting you for the effort.Our present view of life s parade is unaccountably dominated by the parade of dinosaurs encountered in cartoons, advertising and poorly conceived cinema Conw

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    If you read Stephen Jay Gould s Wonderful Life , you must read this, to get the story right Gould might be entertaining, but Morris will give you the facts Very interesting.

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