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On The Origin of Species The First Ever Picture Book Retelling Of Charles Darwin S On The Origin Of SpeciesA Long, Long Time Ago, Before Humans Even Existed, The Living World Looked Very Different From How It Looks Today For Most Of Human History, People Believed That Everything In The World Was Created At Once But Scientists Started To Challenge That Idea And In Charles Darwin, A Naturalist And Biologist, Wrote A Famous Book Called On The Origin Of Species That Revolutionised The Way That We Have Understood Evolution Ever Since Now Molecular Biologist And Illustrator Sabina Radeva Has Recreated Darwin S Most Famous Work As A Beautifully Illustrated Book The Stunning Pictures Bring The Theory Of Evolution To Life For Young Readers, And Anyone Who Wants To Learn About Evolution Pulling Together Darwin S Observations From His Travels Around The World And His Ground Breaking Explanation Of How Species Form, Develop, And Change Over Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years, On The Origin Of Species Is As Relevant And Important Now As It Ever Was A Very Important Project, Most Beautifully Realised Sabina Radeva S Thoughtful Text And Gorgeous Pictures Together Tell The Story Of On The Origin Of Species, And Of Evolution Itself, With Clarity, Humour And Great CharmEmma Darwin An Entrancing Picture Book Retelling Of Darwin S On The Origin Of Species Filled With Informative, Beautifully Designed Diagrams And Maps The Guardian My daughter can barely put it down I m glad that this retelling exists and making it accessible to children is proving to be a wonderful way to explain evolution I loved the concept of the book however it s written in such a complicated way that it s difficult to make sense of, especially for children so i found myself having to rephrase every page to make it make sense to my 7 year old. I bought this book for an animal mad 7 year old boy.I thought it was important that in this mad world we live in, that a child should grow up knowing about how we all came about and the wonder of the world around us This knowledge is under threat from people who want to turn back our understanding and narrow our minds.This book is beautifully illustrated and explains so many parts of Darwin s theory in ways that even this non scientific adult can understand.The book is probably about suitable for an 8 year old, but I gave it to a 7 year old who s father is a biologist and he is able to take him through the book and explain things to the boy.In my view you can t start young enough teaching a child the important aspects of the world around us and how we all came about.Lovely book, well worth buying for an inquisitive child.

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