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Biology of Freshwater Pollution The book was described in the condition I received it in Thank you for being honest. Biology Of Freshwater Pollution, Is A Highlyregardedoverview Of The Subject Aimed At Advanced Undergraduates And Professionals This Latest Edition Provides An Up To Date Summary Of The Whole Field Covering Recent Research, Case Studies And Examples The Book Begins By Describing Contrasting Examples Of Pollution Events Individual Chapters Then Deal With The Major Types Of Pollution Introducing Their Sources, Exploring Their Impactson Biological Systems And Water Resources Using Contemporary Examples, And Discussing Methods For Mitigating ImpactsTechniques Used To Investigate Pollution Are Introduced Throughout And The Penultimate Chapter Deals Extensively With The Biological Assessment Of Water Quality The Final Chapter Looks At Water Resource Management In The Twenty First Century And The Role Of The Biologist In That Process Good Another great and very useful reference book I found the case studies very helpful for my study thank you I used this book as an environmental science degree student and found it most helpful as a reference text for my studies.

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