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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER Fire Gave Us Power Farming Made Us Hungry For Money Gave Us Purpose Science Made Us Deadly This Is The Thrilling Account Of Our Extraordinary History From Insignificant Apes To Rulers Of The World Earth Is Billion Years Old In Just A Fraction Of That Time, One Species Among Countless Others Has Conquered It Us In This Bold And Provocative Book, Yuval Noah Harari Explores Who We Are, How We Got Here And Where We Re Going I Would Recommend Sapiens To Anyone Who S Interested In The History And Future Of Our Species Bill Gates

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    Sapiens is a short telling of the entire human history, from pre anatomically modern humans through the agricultural and scientific revolutions and to the present Or so it attempts to be.Unfortunately, this enormous task is the book s own undoing There is no room for any indepth discussions about the various complex issues, and no room to discuss the evidence The

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    Well worth reading but not as good or essential as most reviews indicate Its a while since I read it but I do definitely remember, I found many of the arguments and examples unconvincing and often misinterpreted I bought this mainly to gain insight into mankind s earliest experiences of civilisation roughly summaried as Fire, Agriculture, Towns, Writing, the Wheel but

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    If you are a believer, this book is a total waste of time It is not at all a history of humankind, as it follows the scientific route Yet to find scientists who can provide something which, when they are dating something, confirms without any shadow of a doubt that it was there at the beginning

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    I was gifted this book in German native language , however, I enjoyed it so much, that I got the audiobook to listen in my car in English AND got the paperback in English for my husband Basically, I ve purchased this book 3 times, this is how much I enjoyed reading it.CONTENT You do not need to be a science, nature, biology, history geek to enjoy this book The way it is written ma

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    Harari has a knack of weaving complex and interesting concepts into stories, which allows the reader to feel smarter for having understood him The book is very interesting and despite its length, can be zipped through due to its easy reading style.Unfortunately, I also have to agree with many of the one star reviewers, that the books downfall is the almost constant speculation he engage

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    Of course when you re reading a book, you know the author s views opinions will be biased, but when you re reading a book, the last thing you want is to be bombarded with strong opinions all the time, subtle hints here and there are good.I mean, you wrote a book about it, so I think people have a pretty good idea on where you stand, but the author smacks it in your face, and that ruined the b

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