Science Experiments You Can Eat: Revised Edition PDF

Science Experiments You Can Eat: Revised Edition Science never tasted so good Dig into a feast of funwhere youre the scientist and the kitchen is your laboratory Discover what it takes to make sugar crystallize into rock candy, what moisture has to do with popping popcorn, and how proteins are essential in making cakes and muffins rise And after youve tested your theories and made some amazing discoveries, you can actually eat your results Vicki Cobbs Science Experiments You Can Eat has stood the test of time, filling the mindsand stomachsof kids forthan forty years Now with revised and updated material that includes clever new procedures, many new experiments, and vital information on nutrition, a whole new generation of readers can devour this cornucopia of food for thoughtVicki Cobb is the author of many award winning science books for young people With degrees from Barnard College and Columbia University Teachers College, Vicki enjoyed an early career as a science teacher She now devotes all her time to writing and speaking to teachers, children, and librarians all over the country She frequently writes for the Huffington Post and is also the founder and president of iNK Think Tank, an organization dedicated to getting high quality nonfiction books into classrooms To find out what recent science experiment Vicki has been cooking up, visit her online at vickicobb

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