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The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe Everything was fine Thanks Shame to have to pay postage on books First Print Run Features A Specially Designed Cut Down Dust JacketWhen Angela Kelly And The Queen Are Together, Laughter Echoes Through The Corridors Of Buckingham PalaceAngela Has Worked With The Queen And Walked The Corridors Of The Royal Household For Twenty Five Years, Initially As Her Majesty S Senior Dresser And Then Latterly As Her Majesty S Personal Advisor, Curator, Wardrobe And In House Designer As The First Person In History To Hold This Title, She Shares A Uniquely Close Working Relationship With The QueenIn The Other Side Of The Coin, The Queen Has Personally Given Angela Her Blessing To Share Their Extraordinary Bond With The World Whether It S Preparing For A Formal Occasion Or Brightening Her Majesty S Day With A Playful Joke, Angela S Priority Is To Serve And Support Sharing Never Before Seen Photographs Many From Angela S Own Private Collection And Charming Anecdotes Of Their Time Spent Together, This Revealing Book Provides Memorable Insights Into What It S Like To Work Closely With The Queen, To Curate Her Wardrobe And To Discover A True And Lasting Connection Along The Way The Book Documents The Unique Working Relationship Between Her Majesty The Queen And The Woman Who Has Been Her Personal Assistant And Senior Dresser For Than Two Decades Angela Kelly It Gives A Rare Insight Into The Demands Of The Job Of Supporting The Monarch, And We Gain Privileged Insight Into A Successful Working Relationship, Characterised By Humour, Creativity, Hard Work, And A Mutual Commitment To Service And Duty Angela Is A Talented And Inspiring Woman, Who Has Captured The Highlights Of Her Long Career With The Queen For Us All To Share Samantha Cohen, Assistant Private Secretary To The Queen I am so disappointed in this Granted, you know that someone in the employ of the Royal Family will be guarded regarding what they can and cannot share with the public but this was such a clinical, impersonal read We find out very little about Miss Kelly s life growing up which is a shame If you are into fashion and design then you will find it interesting It is very much a chronological piece, almost like a report rather than anything else got this material from such and such a place, altered the hat, attached this to it to represent the country we were visiting, chose this brooch lots of almost sycophantic I am so lucky to work for Her Majesty it has given me so much it is a privilege etc which you do expect in a book like this but there is just so much of it that you end up rolling your eyes thinking she s off again THEN, at the end, we have various people who work with Miss Kelly saying what a wonderful lady SHE is to work with, how loyal she is, what a relationship she has with the Queen, how she makes everyone feel so nice etc sadly the constant praise and adulation is interspersed far too infrequently by anything else very little behind the scenes, personal yet non intrusive stories which is what I believe a lot of people will buy this book for. Such a strange short cover in a very heavy plastic material Have not actually read this yet as my copy was badly damaged all along the bottom and the corners, going back for replacement Photo s look tremendous. Delightful insight into the Queen and her life and her amazing clothes , I cannot put this down However , the publishers did not proof read this very thoroughly, Royal Ascot was founded by Queen Anne in 1711 not 1871. Very disappointed with the dust cover which is shorter than the book itself I wondered if I d received a faulty copy I bought the book as a present for my mum and I m sure she ll feel the same What a pity when overall feel and look of the rest of the book I ve not read it so can t comment on the content is in keeping with the subject matter Looks like there are lots of beautiful photographs. I can t quite put my finger on it Angela comes across as a very competent dresser to HM but I didn t like the inclusion of so many personal endorsements from family and co workers It all felt a little too self glorifying. Interesting and beautiful photographs make this an appealing book, but the type is too small, making it very difficult to read such a shame

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