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For the Record The Political Memoir Of The Decade Sunday Times The Referendum On Britain S Membership Of The EU Is One Of The Most Controversial Political Events Of Our Times For The First Time, The Man Who Called That Vote Talks About The Decision And Its Origins, As Well As Giving A Candid Account Of His Time At The Top Of British Politics David Cameron Was Conservative Party Leader During The Largest Financial Crash In Living Memory The Arab Spring And The Eurozone Crisis Both Started During His First Year As Prime Minister The Backdrop To His Time In Office Included The Advent Of ISIS, Surging Migration And A Rapidly Changing EU Here He Talks About How He Confronted Those Challenges, From Modernising A Party That Had Suffered Three Successive Electoral Defeats To Forming The First Coalition Government For Seventy Years He Sets Out How He Helped Turn Around Britain S Economy, Implementing A Modern, Compassionate Agenda That Included Education And Welfare Reform, The Legalisation Of Gay Marriage, The Referendum On Scottish Independence And World Leading Environmental Policies David Cameron Is Searingly Honest About The Key Players From His Time In Politics And He Is Frank About Himself The Things He Got Right And The Things He Got Wrong He Opens Up About Family Life Too, Including The Tragic Loss Of His Eldest Son We Learn Why He Kept Britain S Promise On Overseas Aid Spending And What It Was Like To Commit British Troops To Conflicts In Libya, Iraq And Syria He Sets Out How He Won The First Outright Conservative Majority In Nearly A Quarter Of A Century, And Describes The Events Leading Up To The EU Referendum, The Renegotiation, The Campaign And His Thoughts On It All Today It Is The Most Compelling Record Yet Of What It S Like To Lead In Modern Times And To Live Behind The Most Famous Door In The World

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    absolute drivel and lies much like his premiership buy the Led By Donkey s book instead, much substance.

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    An indepth study into the mind of a leader.From love, life, laughter and hedonistic naivety Intermingled with illicit chemicals and ruthless disregard.As he romps his way through social, economical and educational privelage.For the sake of impartiality I must also add I whole

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    What a fascinating book , 10 10 what an amazing coincidence that this brilliant book came out at the exact same time as Cameron making regular appearances on TV this magical chance encounter of him speaking about his heartfelt regret over the referendum at the same time as his book

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    It s very thick by the time you ve read it you start thinking the author is too He s sorry for the things he understands, if he can he blames Labour even when there s no logic behind it at all but in his rather dim way he gives an insight in to the way posh people live and the upper midd

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    Save your money and put it into making the country better not supporting those who damned the country

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    Reads as self justification to his critics rather than an honest appraisal of his time as prime minister Some aspects were interesting, however, I was hoping for honesty For example, the referendum was arguably the single most debated and controversial decision he made, inflicting turmoil on the na

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    Wasn t aware of this guy before reading this book was gifted it by my uncle Benton , after reading the book I still ask the question, what was his deal Why did he do all this, for money for fame Just seems like some guy really.

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    Cameron s bombshells and detail of his way to the top make a great read Would highly recommend to anyone interested in Conservative politics There s been lot of detail around the 2010 general election so far during my read, thoroughly enjoying it.

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