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The Fear Bubble: Harness Fear and Live Without Limits The Brilliant, Inspirational Next Book By The Author Of The Incredible No Bestseller FIRST MAN INWithout Fear, There S No Challenge Without Challenge, There S No Growth Without Growth, There S No LifeAnt Middleton Is No Stranger To Fear As A Point Man In The Special Forces, He Confronted Fear On A Daily Basis, Never Knowing What Lay Behind The Next Corner, Or The Next Closed Door In Prison, He Was Thrust Into The Unknown, Cut Off From Friends And Family, Isolated With Thoughts Of Failure And Dread For His Future And At The Top Of Everest, In Desperate, Life Threatening Conditions, He Was Forced To Face Up To His Greatest Fear, Of Leaving His Wife And Children Without A Husband And FatherBut Fear Is Not His Enemy It Is The Energy That Propels Him Thanks To The Revolutionary Concept Of The Fear Bubble, Ant Has Learned To Harness The Power Of Fear And Understands The Positive Force That It Can Become Fear Gives Ant His Edge, Allowing Him To Seek Out Life S Challenges, Whether That Is At Home, Pushing Himself Every Day To Be The Best Father He Can Be, Or Stuck In The Death Zone On Top Of The World In A Mph BlizzardIn His Groundbreaking New Book, Ant Middleton Thrillingly Retells The Story Of His Death Defying Climb Of Everest And Reveals The Concept Of The Fear Bubble, Showing How It Can Be Used In Our Lives To Help Us Break Through Our Limits Powerful, Unflinching And An Inspirational Call To Action, The Fear Bubble Is Essential Reading For Anyone Who Wants To Push Themselves Further, Harness Their Fears And Conquer Their Own Personal Everests

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    I have always been a fan of reading about people like Ant, and where I liked his previous book, this one is an absolute game changer I am still reading this, so haven t finished, but my opinion on this is as follows This is exceptionally thought provoking and inspirational, as well as powerful This really helps with many issues that so many people have issues with.There will be a s

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    This book has literally changed my life.It jumped off the Tesco shelf at me when I was starting a course the next day that would push me mentally and physically with a high potential of coming to harm.I was already being drained by the fear.I consumed the book overnight and reread chapters every morning of the course.I felt the fear when I needed to and rested every second I didn t.I to

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    One of the few books that I read in one sitting Absolutely amazing for anyone who s feeling like they ve just lost a bit of control of their life.

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    Another fantastic read by Mr Middleton Just when you get lured in to thinking another self obsessed super human story that has little or no bearing for the normal folk like usWham another important lesson in life we can ALL learn by Well done Ant.

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    This book is compelling, wise and thought provoking It s in a league of its own, and Im so happy, I got it The world would be a better place if everyone read it Thank you Ant Middleton, I m taking it all in.

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    Though provoking and inspirational I enjoyed the story telling in his first book, well this has that plus powerful tools for living your best life

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    Loved this book, very emotive, I found myself in tears in a couple of parts as it really draws you in It makes you question things that are holding you back from achieving things I will take a lot from this book Well done Ant

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    Loved his first book and this is even better I love the way he thinks and this comes across well in this book It really does teach you how to harness fear Everyone needs to read this.

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