Collins Very First Spanish Dictionary: Your first 500

Collins Very First Spanish Dictionary: Your first 500 Spanish words, for ages 5  (Collins Primary Dictionaries) An ideal first Spanish dictionary for kids aged 5 and above, designed to introduce Spanish vocabulary to children in a fun, easy and memorable way.Collins Very First Spanish Dictionary introduces children to their first 500 Spanish words with colourful illustrations and example sentences to help children remember words and translations from English to Spanish.Listed in English to Spanish alphabetical order and with themed pages, the Collins Very First Spanish Dictionary provides curriculum matched support for young learners of Spanish.Audio files for each headword and phrase can be found at homeworkhelp

8 thoughts on “Collins Very First Spanish Dictionary: Your first 500 Spanish words, for ages 5 (Collins Primary Dictionaries)

  1. S Riaz S Riaz says:

    My eight year old daughter loves learning Spanish at school and has joined the language club, so I purchased this Very First Spanish Dictionary to help her progress This is a colourful, bright and cheerful book which huge appeal for children It contains 500 Spanish words As well as alphabetical pages, there are two page spreads of theme related words animals, school, parts of the body and face, colours,, numbers, etc So, in fact, this book has several uses it teaches dictionary skills looking up English words and finding the Spanish equivalent , it teaches words adn there is also a website where, importantly, you can hear how the words and phrases are pronounced An excellent book which my daughter loves.

  2. fjm fjm says:

    For anyone learning Spanish this is a great book but I bought it for my Spanish friend to use to help her six year old daughter who is learning English It is a great book and works fine for her as it is mostly pictures A good quality, well laid out book.

  3. carol carol says:

    My 7 year old granddaughter is learning Spanish and we wanted to find a way to encourage her This Spanish dictionary was a brilliant find It is an well laid out, clear dictionary that is fun to read and explore Just perfect.

  4. chris chris says:

    this was bought for my 7 year old grandson , as he has just started to learn Spanish, when i first saw it thought it may be to young for him , but he has told me it is very helpful, so a good buy , i think i will have to use it as he learns

  5. Roadblock Roadblock says:

    Helpful to see what the words mean in both languages Also helps with the spelling.

  6. JJ Edwards JJ Edwards says:

    Very useful for adults learning Spanish basics.

  7. Maggie Maggie says:

    I bought these for my 8yr old grandson and he loves them his other Nan has a house in Spain so this will be invaluable The pictures are lovely too thank you


    My seven year old grandson loves this He has just started Spanish club after school and it s the correct level for him.

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