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Collins Complete Energy-saving DIY Collins Complete Energy saving DIY is the definitive guide to making energy saving changes in and around your home An extension of the international bestselling Collins Complete DIY Manual, this book provides the most up to date information for anyone wanting to make home improvements to conserve energy, save money, and help do their bit for the environment Packed with user friendly photos, comprehensive and practical instructions, details of current regulations, and innovative ideas, Collins Complete Energy saving DIY suggests both short and long term solutions to combat energy waste Tackling a range of topics, from advice on what light bulbs to use and the best kind of insulation to how to construct an energy efficient loft conversion, this book is an essential tool for any householder whether they re a complete DIY novice or professional and for any house, however old or new

2 thoughts on “Collins Complete Energy-saving DIY

  1. Daniel_G Daniel_G says:

    After getting the excellent Collins Complete DIY Manual, I had high hopes for this book, but was sadly disappointed The content would barely occupy one chapter in the full manual my own fault for assuming the 75 pages would be jam packed with detail It focuses mainly on common sense solutions eg fitting of loft insulation and draught excluders etc stuff most of us are already familiar with thanks to the current climate There is the briefest of mentions of solar technologies and little else with regards to renewal energy solutions, which is what I was really expecting to see This should have been an appendix to the existing guide, not a book in itself If you re looking for instructions on completing basic energy saving DIY, there are probably pamphlets available in your local hardware store with the same info at considerably less cost FYI This is a hardback book, not a paperback as advertises.

  2. Markinho Markinho says:

    I also bought the Collins Complete DIY Manual and was expecting great things from this book I was completely disappointed, it would appear just to be different sections of the Complete DIY Manual stuck together and published as a new book I would agree with the previous user that you could get better information from your local DIY shop I think the title is a misnomer to call it Complete.

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