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Six Degrees: Our Future On A Hotter Planet A must read book for anyone who cares about our future in this planet If you are not a selfish person who thinks that can keep consuming endlessly, the book will give you an inside in what is coming our way and you can get prepare for a disastrous future I ve read many climate change books and this is up there with the best I initially distrusted the book because it was written by a journalist and not a scientist but it soon becomes clear that this is far a science book than a ranting journo The author skilfully draws together his research into a terrifying format of a world affected by first one, then two, then three degrees warming By the time you get to what would happen at six degrees of warming you are pretty much desensitised to the horror.One of the good things about the book is the author s honesty Where the science is sketchy he makes it clear At five and six degrees how the world will react is impossible to say at the moment but Lynas makes this absolutely clear to the reader, explaining that this is almost uncharted territory and that his ideas are speculative At this level of warming he delves into past climates to find analogues in earth s history for what might happen.Another good thing that I particularly liked is the final chapter Most climate change books cop out by saying that there s still time to change things Lynas does try to offer hope but also points out how unlikely it is that anything will stop the mess that man has caused, and continues to cause He talks about the nature of man here, how he can deny or justify anything and this is fascinating It s also the crux of the climate change problem. It is now 2017 and CO2 is at 410ppm, climate change is a Chinese hoax global warming is good for it brings rain Meanwhile, Houston and Puerto Rico are devastated and uninhabitable, Phoenix Arizona will become uninhabitable by 2050 because of rising temperatures And that is just part of US.Fat bank accounts is all that matters to politicians and Oil Gas companies in US Canada EU Russia China That is not to say that ordinary citizens care too much although the trend seems to be changing.Sometimes it seems like Tesla is the only on pushing in the right direction It all may be too late for much of Earth Worth fighting though. They say make these reviews fun, but there s nothing to laugh at in this authoritative book Mark Lynas simply tells us what we can expect if the average temperature of the planet goes up, degree by degree I was recommended to read this by Sir John Houghton, the former chair of the IPCC, and if he and his fellow scientists are right, we re already looking at two degrees of warming Mark Lynas tells us what to expect, and then paints a straight picture of what to expect if the globe continues to heat up, harking back to times when the world was much hotter than it is now and humans weren t around of course and contemplating the social effects of the climate changes that increasing temperature brings Sceptics can argue all they like about whether it s happening, but after this book no one can say they didn t know what would happen if global warming turns out to be true. When you consider that climate change is on course to hit the temperature milestones described by this book, what this book is essentially describing is how human civilisation is going to crumble and whither away in the very near future Read this only if you re mentally strong as it s not pleasant reading. Catastrophic but realistic view of the future which awaits children who are born today Well written, detailed, it makes you travel from Greenland to Australia, from the hills of Nebraska to Pakistan, etc Be brave Read it An Eye Opening And Vital Account Of The Future Of Our Earth, And Our Civilisation, If Current Rates Of Global Warming Persist, By The Highly Acclaimed Author Of High Tide Picture Yourself A Few Decades From Now, In A World In Which Average Temperatures Are Three Degrees Higher Than They Are Now On The Edge Of Greenland, Rivers Ten Times The Size Of The Are Gushing Off The Ice Sheet Into The North Atlantic Displaced Victims Of North Africa S Drought Establish A New Colony On Greenland S Southern Tip, One Of The Few Inhabitable Areas Not Already Crowded With Environmental Refugees Vast Pumping Systems Keep The Water Out Of Most Of Holland, But The Residents Of Bangladesh And The Nile Delta Enjoy No Such Protection Meanwhile, In New York, A Category Plus Superstorm Pushes Through The Narrows Between Staten Island And Brooklyn, Devastating Waterside Areas From Long Island To Manhattan Pakistan, Crippled By Drought Brought On By Disappearing Himalayan Glaciers, Sees Million Farmers Flee To Refugee Camps In Neighbouring India Its Desperate Government Prepares A Last Ditch Attempt To Increase The Flow Of The Indus River By Bombing Half Constructed Indian Dams In Kashmir The Pakistani President Authorises The Use Of Nuclear Weapons In The Case Of An Indian Military Counter Strike But The Biggest Story Of All Comes From South America, Where A Conflagration Of Truly Epic Proportions Has Begun To Consume TheAlien As It All Sounds, Mark Lynas S Incredible New Book Is Not Science Fiction Nor Is It Sensationalist The Title, Six Degrees , Refers To The Terrifying Possibility That Average Temperatures Will Rise By Up To Six Degrees Within The Next Hundred Years This Is The First Time We Have Had A Reliable Picture Of How The Collapse Of Our Civilisation Will Unfold Unless Urgent Action Is Taken Most Vitally, Lynas S Book Serves To Highlight The Fact That The World Of Doesn T Have To Be One Of Horror And Chaos With A Little Foresight, S

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Six Degrees: Our Future On A Hotter Planet book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Lynas author readers around the world.

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